Friday, April 29, 2011

Preschool Easter

I had the chance to help out in JJ's preschool class party for Easter last week.  It was so fun to get to spend time with just JJ and see him in his element.  He only had one request: that we get a sitter for Brody so it would be a special JJ and Mommy time.  Done.

They had a great time sponsored by a creative and fun teacher. They colored eggs, hunted eggs, played egg memory and other games! They left with an Easter basket each full or candy and prizes.  It was such a fun and exhausting day!!

JJ said his favorite part was at the very end when he and I played Ninja girls (a game made up by the boys in class to utilize the excessive Polly Pocket toys in which the polly pockets become ninja girls and fight crime).  Needles to say, it melted my hear that this was his "best part."  It was mine too.

Hard to believe he will be entering Kindergarten in a few short months!! My little baby has gown up and become such a fun, handsome, and creative little boy!

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Miss Bear said...

Polly Pocket ninjas? Fabulous idea!! :)