Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pregnancy is the time for Projects!

 Something has happened and I am on a redecorating RAMPAGE!! I have picked the color for the big boy's room, spray painted the frame I am repurposing in there, re-planned the top of the my piano area and redone some accesesories in the eating area. That has been this week.

I have a project that I am pretty excited about, so if you hate it.. please dont tell me.

Anyway, I am really digging these boxwood topiaries from Ballard Designs;
Boxwood Topiaries

Of course, I don't want to pay $65 each since I will most likely hate them in six months so I am in the process of making some! I will post a picture soon. I just got back from pulling over the side of the road with my hedge clippers to get the branches for the these babies! Don't worry I didn't take any branches from a live tree. Just disgarded tree clippings on the side of the road.  Usually that sort of thing really bugs me.. but I was glad I got free branches!!

(Such a good thing Jeremy doesn't read this.. he would be mortified!)

Next on my list is the purchase of these beauties:
Garden District Mirrors

Again from Ballard.  I saw a tutorial on how to make some with leaded paint etc.. but when I really thought about it, I just decided I wanted the real thing. I will only have 2 since that is what comes in a set but this with my topiaries above my piano is going to look so traditional. I am excited. Then I am done.. I swear. 

The down side is that these are backordered til May 20th!! Mother's Day will be great for me this year!!


Ashley said...

I LOVE topiaries, I cannot wait to see your masterpieces! And I am DYING over the mirrors... love, love love!!!!

The Blanchard Family said...

I have been thinking about you! Wondering how you are doing with baby on the way! It sounds like not too shabby since you are getting so much done around your house! Good for you ;)

jayna said...

Looks wonderful!! Keep us updated on the baby happenings!