Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TBall- Go Brewers.

JJ loves T ball (mostly). He really likes to hit.. he is still working on loving the rest. 
 This is year we FINALLY realized that there was a field right by our house and it made the whole experience much more enjoyable.

JJ and Stockton are "2nd generation trash talkers." It was fun having them together on the team, JJ thinks Stockton is the coolest.

JJ has really become a good little hitter. He makes us all proud (especially his beaming daddy).
 And.. a few pictures of JJ's number one fan..


The Blanchard Family said...

So cute! Those boys are too funny. . .and I love the "2nd generation trash talkers" PERFECT DESCRIPTION!

GustoBones said...

JJ looke so great in his Tball uniform.

zealygirl said...

He looks like a natural!

I played T-Ball one year. Then I turned to basketball and have never looked back. Now I'm going to be embarrassed by the rising generation!