Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween is a time for PROJECTS!

Here are a couple of Halloween projects I have been working on in my spare time (HAHAHAHAHAHA).

I made this Halloween pennant banner and it was SO EASY!! You can totally make this. I simply cut and used heat and bond to adhere the letter backgrounds to the pennants. I used iron on letters and really didn't do much sewing on it! I like the way it looks in the room so much, I am CONSIDERING making one for each holiday..when I type that it really doesn't seem realistic.. I mean a Columbus Day banner may just seem ridiculous, right? The colors and fabrics are actually a lot cuter than this crappy picutre portrays.  Promise.

Next up: These trick or treat bags are burlap on the outside, since I LOVE my burlap, but lined with the cheesiest Halloween print I could find in cotton since no one wants burlap covered candy.  I actually stole this idea (It is what I do best) from a cute booth girl at Swiss Days. I took one look and said, I am TOTALLY making that. She gave me a weird/slightly annoyed look, but I will most likely never see her again, so it is okay.

I let JJ choose what design he wanted on his exterior and he chose a BAT, for batman, or course. I then opted for a candy corn on Brody's. Mostly because it seemed easy.. not gonna lie.  The felt shapes were just cute out and sewn on.  Easy peasy.  I love the way they turned out and if I get to it, I will most likel embroider their names and the year on them as a memory. Not making any promises, though, since I still have their costumes to finish!!

 Just for good measure, and because kids in costumes make my heart melt, here is a little reminder of what my little spooksters went dressed as last year!!
Anyway, happy haunting!! I LOVE this time of year!!


..::k.toms::.. said...

You little crafting queen!!
Instead of a Columbus Day banner, why not make one that says "We ♥ Kim". Smartest thing I ever came up with, right there.

zealygirl said...

That banner is really cool!

Miss Bear said...

Love that banner! I also love the throwback to last years Halloween...both of the boys costumes crack me up, they are too cute!