Monday, September 13, 2010

Yeah, We Hike

I have been wanting to take my boys on a hike all summer! Last weekend was the first, but definitely NOT the last hike of our family experience.

Here are JJ and Ella enjoying some snacks at the top.

JJ was a trooper and wanted to be in front the whole way.  He and Jeremy got such a lead that they actually hid and scared the pants off of one of our friends when he passed.  We all thought it was pretty funny.

We went up to Bell Canyon Lake, it was a perfect, short little hike to water (a destination is essential for this crew). Even Brody hiked part of the way.

I highly recommend this hike for a family with small kids! It was only about an hour round trip!

Anyone have other, good family-friendly hikes? Please share.


GustoBones said...

I think JJ has grown a foot since August! Looks like a fun hike!

Sophia said...

i think Silver lake is really fun, it is a big boardwalk around a lake with little trails to explore along the way. It is up big cottonwood. Perfect for kids with fish in the lake and all.

jayna said...

That looks like a great family day! Loving all the fun house stuff too!

..::k.toms::.. said...

That hike was so fun!
I'm obsessed now!!
And I too think Sophia's idea sounds great! I have heard good things about the kid-friendly Silver Lake! Let's go next week!

Erin said...

we just did ensign peak yesterday. jack loved it! same time frame of about an 1hr round trip.