Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shave it


It is pretty hysterical how many people come to this site by google-searching "women+face+shaving" or some combination of the term. Seriously, a few years ago
I blogged about how this instructor at a Spa school told a few of my friends and I that women should shave their face for exfoliation. I did a bit of research and blogged it. The funny thing is that when you google this, my blog is one of the top five sites! Even last night, I had someone write me this:
i just shaved my face for the first time today. i used pond's cold cream (that was the closest thing to me at the moment) and it was kinda fun. my skin is SO smooth, and does look dewy. i have very fine hair every where on my body except for my head, so i'm really not worried about it growing back dark/coarse if that's really true anyway. i saw caroline from housewives mention it last night and couldn't wait to try. i'm kind of excited to do it again, but i'm just weird like that. i did my neck too, and had great results.

Someone else emailed this one:
The procedure of shaving your face is actual called dermablading or dera planing. The procedure removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells. The results are softer smooth skin. It also gives you a youthful glow. By doing this you facial hair will NOT grow back darker or thicker. The hair on your face is called vellous hairs (tiny translucent hairs). Termianl hair is thicker hair that grows on brows,under arms,pubic area,legs and MALE faces.

To do this procedure make sure you use the correct tools!! First off use a disposable,sterile #10 blade. Hold a small section taut. Carefully scrap the blade along the face with short,quick strokes. Hold at a 45 degree angle. You can use iodine or glycolic acid on the face when doing this procedure. If you use iodine it actual helps you see what sections have been done.

Do this every 3 to 4 weeks. Your hair will grow back and it will look just like it did before you shaved it!!! Try it once and if it's not for you, then you don't have to do it again. Good Luck :)
I almost feel like I owe it to my "public" to do some more research.. and maybe even try it! Do I dare?? I think that I do. Especially after I saw the mafia head/mom of the year/family woman, Caroline Manzo from TRHWONJ talking about shaving hers!

My total GUILTY pleasure is watching Bravo's The Real Housewives... of whatever! I watch them all. Jersey is one of my favorites though, and Caroline Manzo is the ultimate! I love her. When they aired the episode about her face shaving regimen, I instantly thought of my flukey blog post that has attracted readers from all over the world.

Here is the thing..
When a woman shaves her face, the hair tends to get extremely course and stubbly rather quickly (especially with a wet shave). The hair also has the tendency to become ingrown which is quite unsightly. So many women try to cover this up with makeup which just clogs the skin even more. If women suffer from PCOS (or other hormonal issues) what ever temporary methods they use to get rid of the hair seems to be increased at an accelerated rate. (I am pretty sure this was actually Dr. Oz, but same diff, right?)
I, personally, do not take much interest in Oprah-ology in the general, but she does know women.. so I am still on the fence. I am pretty sure that this advice (from Oprah/Oz) was more about removing hair and not just shaving as exfoliation. It goes on to talk about how many women to this to remove thick or dark hair that grows... so I can't decide if the same advice goes for those of us with finer, blonde hair..

These could be the results (in theory.. remember I HAVE NOT DONE THIS... YET):)
~ Exfoliate dead skin cells without over stimulating the skin
~ Significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles
~ Minimize pore size
~ Improve elasticity
~ Lighten acne scars
~ Balance skin tone
~ Permanently remove blackheads
What do you think, googlers?

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Sophia said...

Oh my hell! This is all so hilarious!

Nesting with Grace said...

Don't do it! Walk away from the razor!! I would go with Oprah/OZ

Ashlie said...

I have PCOS so sadly this is out for me...but the matriarch Mrs. Manzo's skin looks wonderful.