Friday, September 10, 2010

DIY "grain sack" Pillow

Two Words: Restoration Hardware.
Vintage French Linen Pillow Covers
Who doesn't love their gorgeous furniture and textiles? I sure do! Anyway, I have been obsessing over the grain sack, vintagey-looking pillows I have been seeing there (and other places), but even with pillow-sewing skilzz.. those grains sacks are not cheap! I do love how they are super neutral, but still have interest. But unfortunately.. out of my budget! (which is approximately zero).

Cue this tutorial from Graphics Fairy.

Now for the fabric:
Who here has purchased fabric at Walmart?? LOVE that I can get fabric where I get milk.. Oh how motherhood has changed me! Anyway, they have this great unbleached muslin that is very natural-looking and cheap! ($2.47/yard). I think it was a little "loose" in the weave to get a super clear picture, but I actually like how it looks faded and "used."

Total Restoration Hardware cost: $32.. not bad.. but that is the SALE price, AND just the cover!!

Total Rachel-ation Cheapware cost: Approx $1.50 for fabric + $0.10 for photocopy + $5.99 for the Citra Solv (I found an online coupon and have 95% of the bottle left, so I maybe used $0.50 worth). I also found a nice, down pillow in the clearance section at TJ Maxx. I bought it to unzip and use the Down form inside. That was $1.00. Total: $3.10

Now that I know that I can do this, I am on the hunt for great graphics to use on other projects... just think.. dress froms, lampshades, tote bags!!!! The options are limitless! Next time I would do a mitered edge to make it a closer mimic of the RH pillows.

p.s. you may have noticed that I am amping up the projects lately.. I am redecorating my family room. I will have to post a picture with a breakdown of the cost so you can all know how cheap I really am!!!


..::k.toms::.. said...

OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, you should totally post an after picture of your family room.
Everyone will be amazed!

Sophia said...

that is beautiful Rach! And your living room looks fantastic. Make me a pillow for my October book club host present.

zealygirl said...

Super, super cute! Love how you took the expensive look and mimicked it for so little!

GustoBones said...

Way to go! I am convinced you can do anything.

toss pillows said...

Very nice craftsmanship. Love the look of the pillow. Such an amazing talent of art.