Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Imitation=Flattery, Right?

Does everyone have a friend like Brooke? You know, that girl where every time your go to her house there is something cool, new, and totally enviable? Yeah, that is Brooke. Her house is darling, and I guess it makes sense since she is the buyer/manager for the very cute Black Goose. Anyway, I was at her house this weekend and saw this very cute pillow! Upon closer inspection, I realized that i had previously picked up the background fabric on clearance 2 month ago (for $2 a yard). I was so excited to use this tutorial and see if I could create knock off.

Slideshow image

Yes.. this is her house. Actually her house. I know. (sorry for stealing the picture Brooke). Anyway, if you look closely, you can see a very darling green zebra printed pillow on the leather chair. This was my inspiration (can it be called inspiration if you COMPLETELY rip it off? Don't think so).

These beautiful pillows sell at her store (and online) for well over $100. The quality of mine does not compare, but I think the look is pretty cute and matches my new chair!

Picture courtesy of Black Goose.


KiMnRoB said...

I'm not suprised though, you can do anything.
Yes, that is Brooke's house. I can't even stand how good she is at what she does! She is amazing!
And I'll have you know BROOKE, I have been getting out all of my halloween/fall decor because of you! It's only the 1st of Sept!! I've never done this that early! So inspiring...

Ashlie said...

Seriously!?! You guys make me feel like crap about my lack of skills when it comes to decorating. I am trying, but I feel so ashamed when I see this. Great job! I love the pillow.

Nesting with Grace said...

You have mad skills...and we can sell the $100 pillow because not everyone does! Hey I bought it!
I feel special a post featuring me! And don't come into my store saying hey you can totally make that!! HA!
Thanks Rach! You are the best:)

GustoBones said...

Check you out!! Looks great!!!