Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cascade Cabin Goodness

I did the math while visiting my Aunt and Uncle's cabin in Idaho a few weeks ago, and I figured that I have been going to this beautiful place for 22 years. No wonder I feel such fondness for it! I will never forget my first visit there. My family drove to Boise and arrived well into the night. When I woke up in what would be my cousin's home, my Aunt Peggy told me there was a little dark haired girl upstairs who would love to play with me. I followed her directions and met Shayna. We hit is off quickly and a week of adventures followed at her family's cabin in Donnelly, ID. The past two years, we have taken advantage of my aunt and uncle's ongoing hospitality and enjoyed the cabin with all of our families. It is so fun for me to think of my kids making wonderful memories with their cousins on the same ground (and in the same water) I did!
JJ was a fish on this trip. He was always the first one in the lake and usually the last one out! He loved jumping off the dock.

This year, we had several bikes and I discovered how fun this area is to ride bikes. JJ had so much fun cruising around on his Spiderman wheels.

This picture was taken while he and his cousin were playing "kids with no mommies." I don't know where the idea cam from.. but the game mostly consisted of the two of them taking turns giving each other orders (such as a mom would do.. I suppose). Pretty funny - the mind of these kids!
TO THE BAT CAKE! (hahahaha, I crack myself up).
Brody loved just exploring every single inch of the place. For a boy who adores the outdoors, he was in paradise!

Shortly after our arrival, Brody got a black eye from all of his "exploring."

Then the following day blackened his other eye with horsing around! I don't know what to do this kid! (besides love him to death!)
He mostly had fun... except for when he didn't.
Oh how we LOVE this cabin of theirs!!! It is truly paradise!


shayna said...

Wait a minute...I'm that dark haired girl. I remember that first time I met you so vividly. Honestly, I remember everything about it. I love being related to you.

CoreyandShanda said...

So fun. I really think we need to get everyone up there again. Would we all fit? :)

GustoBones said...

It was so fun this year. I think it was more fun because we all stayed healthy! Probiotics work baby.

zealygirl said...

Love that picture of the three boys; it's a classic!

The one where JJ is jumping and Joshua is already underwater makes it look like a pre-splash for JJ :)