Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Silly Superhero.

Although his fourth birthday is still a month or so away, JJ seems more and more like a "big kid." I have lately, often found myself thinking or commenting on how big JJ is. Currently, it is all about being "strong" and finding out about each and every superhero with JJ. He constantly says the funniest things. Yesterday, I was upset and he said, "Mom, we are not going to be mad today... we are going to be nice, so I want you to take a deep breath... (pause)... Take a breath, mom." Talk about diffusing the situation! I love this kid.

By way of a quick update:
We just finished swimming lessons, and he is quite the little fish. He loves jumping off the side and swimming with his head under water! (so proud of this BIG step!)
He loves playing with friends.
And riding bikes. He is so good about always wearing his helmet.

He is so much fun and is starting to really become a great big brother to Brody.

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The Blanchard Family said...

So glad to see an update from you! JJ is darling and I am glad that he and Stocky have the super hero thing in common! So cute!