Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm on a Roll..

One gushy mom post... comin right up!

Brody just passed the milestone of 18 months this week. What an amazing little person he is already! It is incredible the way each child is so unique. You have a baby and you sort of think that this is the mould for your children.. ya know.. you have it "all figured out." Then you have another and here is a totally separate, lovable little soul. Crazy!! (I know.. not TOTALLY crazy.. I am completely aware of the distinctive nature of humans.. even within a family. I come from a huge family of individuals!)

Although he doesn't say much, Brody has a voice. He loves music, dancing, and teasing. He loves to sing. his favorite song right now it "doh, doh dooooh." Of course, I encourage this with lots of laughing and hugging, because I love music too! He will sit next to me while I play the piano and just listen and sing along.
He holds in own against his older brother and has to be involved in everything. He is bright and enthusiastic. When we go swimming he runs in and out of the pool and tries all of the other pool-goers' snacks. The big blue eyes usually helps him get away with whatever he wants (expecially with strangers). He thinks he is funny. When he walks backwards he hangs his mouth open and says "haha, hahaha." like he is SOO tricky. Of course, I think he is.

Brody didn't walk until he was about 14 months. His favorite mode of transportation was scooting on his bottom. We affectionately called him scooter, and he knew we were talking about him. he got so that he could scoot around pretty quickly. He now toddles.. arms extended presumably to balance his little body.

He has captured all of our heartsw. Even while I rite this, JJ is telling him that he "melts his heart and he just loves him so much... LOOK AT ME WHILE I AM TALK TO YOU." Oh best brothers/frenimies.

Currently, Brody has one mission in life: EATING. When he isn't eating, he is dragging me to the pantry door ask me for snacks. He has just a bit of a flue bug this summer, and I feel like he is making up for lost time and then some! I am happy to have such a good eater, however, especially since he was not interested in solid food at the designated "age."

He LOVES his binky. He will cry and cry, then when he gets it, he pops it in his mouth, and starts rubbing his hair. He is also obsessed with his hair... Totally my child, right?
He is a bit accident prone. In his short life, he has stepped on a nail, and split his forehead open. Poor thing! Many moms think this about their kids.. I am certain, but Brody is intuitive. It seems like he can sense when people are down, or need a pick me up. More than once I have experienced personally, or seen him hug and kiss someone that seems down, nervous, or unsure. He is so loving, and sweet.
In case you were wondering.. I seriously love my boys.


emily said...

he is: adorable.

KiMnRoB said...

I am so glad that you put down that he is intuitive because HE REALLY IS!!!
I will ALWAYS remember the day that you guys came to support me and Robert while we spoke in church. I cried the whole time from being so nervous!
Brody stretched out his arms after sacrament to give me a big hug and cuddle as if to say "don't cry, you did a good job". That boy literally melts my heart. He's the reason why I want a baby. (not that JJ, Andrew or Katie don't make me want one) but there really is something SO special about Brody... you guys brought him into my world at the right time I guess. Thanks for sharing your boys. We love them so much!!

shayna said...

I love piano playing in the nude. It's just so liberating.

Mariah "Sniggs" said...

He is SOO big since the last time i saw him. unbelievable!

jayna said...

Glad to catch up on your cute growing fam!