Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday America

How great was the Fourth of July this year?? At least in Utah.. we got to celebrate all weekend long! The last few years we have gone to D.C. to visit my family and what place could be better to celebrate America?? This year, that didn't work out, so we got room at the Canyons resort in park City, and it was so much fun! JJ, especially LOVED staying in the hotel (he must take after me.. I love hotels too). He loved being in charge of the room key and opening the door. He silently sobbed on the way home from our "vacation." He really had a lot of fun.
This was the view from our balcony. It was awesome listening to the band and then turning the other direction and watching firework right from our room! No crowd-fighting, no cold kids... SO great.
But first.. we went to the West Jordan parade. I was expecting a little small town parade... but it was really big and long! They threw out tons of candy, and my kids really had so much fun! We sort of crashed the Christian family holiday... here is JJ with his future wife (they already argue like they are married), Ella.

My only frustration continues to be that it seems impossible to get a good picture of my children!! Why do they never look at the camera... let alone smile for me?? Oh well.. I will have to just remember how cute they were at this age I guess!
This is how Brody always looks: mouth FULL of food. Are my kids the only ones who eat like they are headed for the electric chair??
How was your holiday?


emily said...

i love their matching shirts.

shayna said...

Only kids? I eat like I'm headed to the electric chair everyday. It must run in our family.

Ashlie said...

How crazy is that! We were at the exact same place you guys were for the forth of July. In that picture of the crowd you can actually see the balacony of our condo. We stayed at the Sun Dial Lodge. Small world!! Glad to see your cute family again.

Gustogirl said...

Love those boys! Can't wait to see them soon!