Monday, July 19, 2010

Before, but NO After

I took these pictures BEFORE girls camp knowing we would be disgusting four days later. I had no idea, however, that I would be so exhausted and Filthy.. that I wouldn't have a chance to take an "after shot." I know someone did, though.. I will dig those gems up soon. However, here are some pictures of our 27 young women and 6 fearless leaders before we went to the dirtiest camp site on earth.

We had a great time.... but much of what happens at girls camp, STAYS at girls camp. Sorry Y'all.

I am the GIANT on the left. Why are all those leaders bite sized?? Tall girls should NEVER be on the ends in pictures!!!


Gustogirl said...

One year after we had just gotten home from girls camp, Kristan and I were so hot and tired of being the sun, we jumped in her pool with our clothes on. I will never forget how it feels to have on a pair of soaking wet jeans. Glad you had fun!! (Um, my word verification is blogen, right on.)

zealygirl said...

It looks like quite a group; you must have had your hands full. How do 27 girls stack up against 2 boys? I like your hair; did you get it cut?