Saturday, March 20, 2010


Something you may or may not know about me is that I am a total project person. I also love to create. So those are two things. Sorry. Anyway, for some time, I have been inspired by so many AWESOME reupholstery jobs around the blogs.

I briefly toyed around with the idea of having it professionally done. When I called a few shops around town, I almost DIED at the cost. No thank you, sir. I have decided that whether I know what I am doing or not, this was one creative project this person had to take on herself (along with my trusty sidekick.. you know who you are).

The trick, as I have read, is to find something with great "bones" and something cheap (I am assuming, that this way if I mess up horribly, I won't be out a lot of dough).

Enter these beauties:
I found these on and love that they recline. I knew that comfort is paramount for my family, so reclining chairs are very appealing. They actually turned out to be a lot newer and nicer than the picture even showed and I got the pair for $50. Thats right... 50, FIVE-OH. My husband refuses to sit on them until the old fabric and batting is gone and the new stuff is down. But, I assure you, they are comfy!

Awhile back I got some great green fabric from and sewed up some curtains with them.
Adorn, Olive

After seeing these chairs at (first one is hers, second is on of her readers') though:
I have decided to repurpose my curtains into the upholstery fabric for my reclining wingbacks. No.. I will not be doing a tutorial, but I have found many awesome ones online and will share the links along with my finished project when it is all done.

So excited for this project!!

This is my goal for our family room. If you hear that hysterical laughter, it would be me chuckling at the prospect of having
A.) a white couch, and
B.) white carpet, and
C.) anything on the ottoman.. especially water..
No, no, no my bloggy friends (who probably ditched me months ago),
this is inspiration.. I love the green chairs with the garden bench and the throw pillows. Also the drapes. stay tuned.


KiMnRoB said...

Lets make it happen!
And if I join in on the sidekick-ery, do I get one of the chairs?
hahahaha! Just kidding. Kind of.

Jones Family said...

I love it!!! I want to come to Utah and help you guys! Those chairs would look perfect in my house too. I'm trying for the whole garden room thing too.

You are so crafty. I still remember the lamp you made for Brody's room. I still want to do one of those

Gustogirl said...

I am sure they will turn out awesome, just like everything else you make!!

megan&steve said...

Rachel, I'm still around and checking in on you.
Caitlin is in my sister Heathers playgroup and such a sweet girl/mommy/interior designer.
Way to go with the new project!

LindsSawyer said... go girl..LOVE the insipiration pic...white on white? No Prob...HEE HEE!

The Blanchard Family said...

Oh man! I can't wait to see the finished product! You go!

Nesting with Grace said...

I hope I am not the side kick! ha! You are way more handy then me! I would stare at it forever...start it apart...start over then call someone to do it!
Seriously I need to buy a chair and I can be support!


Ashley said...

LOVE. I CANNOT wait to see and I am dying over the fabric!!!

The Pennington's said...

I love projects like this. Cant wait to see the finished look, im sure it will be beautiful. Good to see you at Ikea yesterday! :)

KiMnRoB said...

It's time.