Friday, December 4, 2009


Without further adue, and in no particular order.. here is our holiday as a photographic essay.
Here is JJ decorating the traditional gingerbread house. He had the candy eaten off of it in record time this year.
Outside Grandma's house.
We had a great holiday visiting with family that flew from far distances to celebrate!! I miss you guys already!
Mom and Jeremy. Ceaseless teasing between them.
My Grandma is the GREATEST! She is an amzingly young 80+ year old. She hosted Thanksgiving for 28 this year without skipping a beat. She is a fabulous homemaker! I really look up to her!
Best buddies and cousins. Joel and JJ.. inseparable all week!
All Present sisters and Grandma in her newly remodeled kitchen.
Happy Brody boy.. our littlest turkey!
Hope yours was as good as ours! Happy Holidays!


lys said...

a) I am amazed by how much your boys look alike.

b) Your hair looks phenomenal.

Gustogirl said...

Cute pictures!!! We had so much fun with you guys!!!

CoreyandShanda said...

So So fun to see everyone! It was just like old times, I miss those Thanksgivings!!