Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow Much Fun.

Today we built a snow fort. I thought it was pretty good... JJ was not that impressed. He kept saying "mom, I want it to like, touch the sky!" I really think Phineas and Ferb has been creating unrealistic expections...

We also built a snowman. JJ specifically requested this picture. "Mom, take a picture of me holding his hand.. that would be HILARIOUS."
The "threes" have been tough some days... but it is crazy how even a freezing cold activity can warm my heart.


KiMnRoB said...

You are such a good mom!
I love the ornament buttons and the golf ball eyes!
True representation of your family! Crafty mom, golfer dad.

The Blanchard Family said...

Too cute! What a fun mom you are. Andrew and Stocky made a snow man as well, but Stock wasn't quite SO excited about having his picture with it! I love what JJ said about it! Can't wait for Saturday!

Robert said...

See what a good uncle I am? I left the snow making for you because I HATE snow and now you made the memories.

Gustogirl said...

Cute pics. JJ is hilarious!