Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More December Fun.

Last weekend we went to ZooLights at Hogle Zoo. Nothing beats seeing Christmas Lights through your child's eyes. Brody was MESMERIZED!
Jeremy and JJ were bundled and ready for fun!
First we stopped off to visit Grammie Ward. She is still an absolute beauty and sweet to the core. It was fun to see her.
Group shot. Grandpa Tomsick took this one so he is missing! The one he was in, did not work out unfortunately! SO much fun!
Merry Christmas!!


Paul said...

I wondered if the zoo lights thing was any good. I'm glad to know now! We will go next year. Glad you have fun!


KiMnRoB said...

I had a GREAT time at Zoo lights! Even though it was freezing...
And could Brody's little eyes & nose look any cuter in the last picture?!

Gustogirl said...

I just want to squeeze JJ's and Brody's cute cheeks!! So cute! Looks like a fun night!