Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Merry PreSchool Christmas

I had the fun opportunity to help out in JJ's preschool class again this week. This time it was for the Christmas party. JJ was so cute. I just love to see what a big boy he is. I also loved seeing him be shy around his "girlfriend." (I don't think she knows).One of the games they played was decorating the tree and then taking it down. So cute!
Waiting for storytime on the "red mat."
Miss Kathy must be a saint for doing this all week!! JJ loves her! Can't wait to see what progress he continues to make!
I totally forgot a picture of the cute gingerbread houses they made. JJ couldn't wait to eat it all up!! We were lucky any candy made it to the tree.


Nesting with Grace said...

How are such a cute mommy!

Gustogirl said...

Cute pictures. I love how JJ is really trying to put on his best smile. Looks like fun!