Monday, November 30, 2009

Quick Question

How cute are my sons?? So far they are the best of buddies!

The hard work and sleepless nights are SOOOO worth it.
Happy December!

Thanks Ang, for the GREAT pics!


jayna said...

Super adorable!!

megan&steve said...

Matchy matchy.. best buddies indeed. Too cute, Rach.

KiMnRoB said...

Those boys are not cute. Not cute at all.
Can I get a copy? PLEASE?!? Preferably the 2nd one!!!

Ashlie said...

You have the cutest two boys I have ever seen. They are so absolutely darling! Angie takes such amazing pictures.

Gustogirl said...

Wait a minute. I have these vests too!! We should have taken a boys cousins shot! They look so cute!!!!

The Blanchard Family said...

I must say that the answer is. . .HOLY COW they are ADORABLE! I can't believe how cute those pics are! I love that I have two cute boys that can be best buddies too! Good to see you today!