Monday, June 15, 2009

Wonder Twin Powers and Princess Parties

The other day I dressed my boys alike.  I just can't help the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I see my offspring in matching clothing.  I also like how much Jeremy hates it. (insert evil laugh here).   Anyway, the shirts were gifts from Grandma and emerald green is SO HOT RIGHT NOW.  Brody loves to suck on those two fingers.

JJ loves to party and his friend Kendra had a Princess party last week.  The girls were supposed to dress up as princesses, but JJ went as BATMAN.  He was so cute making me call him Batman all morning.  He had a pretty big crush on Cinderella.  She was such a perfect Cinderella.  
This is a picture of JJ with the birthday girl.  He just loves Kendra.  On Valentines Day I asked him who his Valentine was (hoping he would say "mommy") and he replied "KENDRA!"
So far the summer is pretty good, but now we just need some sunshine and some pool time!!


KiMnRoB said...

Ok a few things...
1) I'm rolling! That last picture of JJ cheesin' it up in his batman mask is HILAIR!
2) Kendra looks darling in her princess garb!
3) JJ is lookin' all bashful on the pink chair, he's SO diggin' on Cindy.
4) LOVE the matching outfits on the boys!

lys said...

Gotta love the Bumbo seat!!!

J said...

So cute! Thanks for the update. The pics are great!

emily said...

i love matching stuff. i think it's adorable.

Jones Family said...

I love the matching clothes. Brody is totally a mini JJ so it's even cuter!