Thursday, June 4, 2009

To DI for.

So since we are in a new subdivision and our weeds are OUT OF CONTROL, we had landscape fabric laid out under our mulch.  I am going to plant annuals in pots so that I don't compromise the fabric... For this purpose I headed to D.I. to find some unique looking planters.  No luck on the pots, but I did find this charming little number:
I think it is pretty great... expecically for $8!  Needs a little TLC, but they just don't make things this sturdy anymore.  
After we had a nice rock on the horse JJ and I planted his sun flower seeds.  Ever since Spring hit, JJ has been full of questions about plants.  He always asks me to tell him the "flower story"which is where I tell him about planting seeds and then they grow.  Not really a story.. but he seems to like it.  I told him we could grow something ourselves and we went to the store to pick out seeds.  He chose Sunflowers and now (about two months later) we finally got around to it.  He was so cute putting in the seeds and the soil.  He kept saying, "grow seedies, I love you." We did two pots and here he is on day one.


KiMnRoB said...

Last night I asked him how big his plants will grow and he said (while sitting on that rocking horse) "Ummm... about THIS big!" While motioning his hand, pointing to the sky :) He's pretty excited!

Angie*Steve*Owen said...

You know me...I LOVE the DI! Very cool rocking horse and I can't wait to see JJs flowers.

Gustogirl said...

I can just imagine him saying that! He is such a cutie! Hope his seedies grow really tall!!