Monday, June 1, 2009

Really?? Still Potty Training?

JJ: (to Mitchell, his cousin) "Are you poopy?"
Mitchell: "nope."
JJ: (smiling), "I am."

For some time now JJ has been physically capable of being potty trained.  He knows the "feeling" and has even done both "businesses" on the toilet.  Yet, we still buy diapers every couple weeks. At this point, it is a power struggle.  I have had many failed attempts using the potty watch, treats, and sticker charting.  So far, nothing has worked. I am pretty sure he just doesn't want to take time out of playing to tell me when nature is calling.  

I try not to panic... telling myself it is not a complete lack of mothering skills that my little boy is still in diapers.  However, with his 3rd birthday looming this summer and preschool starting in the fall.. I feel the proverbial "crunch time" is upon us.  

So today, being Monday, JJ find himself in underpants yet again.  My wise mother in law suggested telling him that we cannot go swimming until he can use the potty (which I think is brilliant, since he loves swimming), and also explaining to him that in order to go to school (which he is on pins and needles about as well) he will need to be trained.  Hopefully this works, he has already told me once this morning that he had to go.. and then actually went.. so that is progress.

Fingers crossed!!


Madrness said...

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thekirnancrib said...

LOL at the little conversation! Great ideas with telling him he can't swim or go to school unless he's potty trained. keep us posted!

Thelissa said...

Not claiming to be an expert or anything, but I have found boys are way harder than girls! I'm not sure why. They just have to decide on their own to do it. And eventually, he will.

Besides, he's not even three. You don't need to panic just yet. He'll make the decision sooner or later and the swimming pool will probably do the trick!

lys said...

Don't buy anymore diapers that way there is no turning back. Underwear is the only option! (That's what worked for us.) Oh, and no Pull-Ups either-- they are just the same as diapers. ;)

West Family said...

You poor girl. Hailey had really bad regression when Gavin was born, but she has finally stopped having accidents (knock on wood). Maybe just don't buy diapers? We had to make Hailey feel proud of her success and sad about her mistakes. Just stick with it, it will happen. Love ya girl!

Travis & Leslie Doman said...

You can do it!!!!! Boys are harder, iv'e heard that from every person that has boys!!! all of Kendra's little boyfriends her age still aren't potty trained. I have no advice other than not to worry he will get it sooner than later, and he's not behind in any way!! do you need to borrow my Elmo potty time!! it's hillarious!

Gustogirl said...

Good luck! Scott said tonight that he wanted to try with J again before Mom comes. I am not convinced it will work, but I think we may give it a try!

Jones Family said...

Two steps forwards, one step backwards. Every emotion possible is experienced while potty-training a child.

Everyone says potty training a girl is much easier. I think it's the second child that's easier to potty train. Gavin has been a lot easier.

Hannah's preschool will allow a child on the verge of being potty trained to attend school. 99% of the time the child is completely potty trained in a week. Something about peer pressure.