Monday, June 8, 2009

My Boys.

Nap time is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes it is a hard fought battle.  Just the other day I found JJ passed out on the floor with his sheets ripped off the bed and his room in general diarray. Although I had to clean his room after, it was so worth it.Brody goes down easily, but if I let him sleep too long I not only miss him, but he doesn't sleep very well at night.  He hates waking up:

After a good meal he is happy as a clam. 
Long Live Nap time!!


KiMnRoB said...

Oh my gosh, could that bottom picture be ANY CUTER? You have the most amazing boys.

West Family said...

So fun! I am very jealous of your nap time. One day I will get a nap, if I remember the meaning of the word. See you at book club Thursday. Brody is getting so big and beautiful. Love it.

Gustogirl said...

Love that last picture of Brody and that one of JJ is classic! J actually is asleep on his floor right now. It is almost 10pm, it took him awhile to go to sleep tonight. I think I need to stop his naps. It will make me cry!