Friday, April 17, 2009

Over Protected.

I do not consider myself one of THOSE moms.  You know the ones who coddle at every bump, trip, or fall.   I'm not one of THOSE well-meaning women who rush their child to the doctor for a sniffle or a cough. It isn't that I don't want to, it is just that I want my kids to be less dramatic than their genes (from me) would predispose.  In fact, just yesterday while working out, I was rushed downstairs by an anxious kids club worker to find my JJ gushing blood and puffy around the nose.  I could have died at his big blue eyes and tear-streaked face. Poor thing had climbed too high on the couch and fallen backward.  Bonk! He was so brave and stopped crying when I told him how wonderfully he was handling it and that he was so strong. We got him a slurpee on the way home for good measure. Later, Jeremy explained how football and basketball players get bloody noses all. the. time. and now he had entered the much sought after club of "tough guy." I freely accept the fact that we may be socializing him to be a brute, but this may just counteract all the showtunes we dance to together.  He will be nothing if not well-rounded.

Despite my efforts to the contrary, I find myself sitting at the computer with a knot in my stomach this morning reading over the "possible side effects" of an eczema ointment I have been using on both my kiddies since birth.  Why is that I can clearly see the words "ONLY IN VERY RARE CASES," and still jump to the conclusion that because of my poor mothering or whatever, my sweet children will most assuredly grow third eyes or something from this cream.  Are we, as mothers, doomed to carry around our guilt buckets full of misgivings and should haves?  I spot treat my son's weird winter outbreaks of eczema and worry about it.  That is just how I roll. 

Have a good weekend and stay safe.


emily p said...

don't worry. i think you're a wonderful mom.

Gustogirl said...

He looks like such a big kid with his haircut! So sad to have fallen, but it sounds like you handled it well. I need to "tough guy" up Joel a bit. He is such a screamer when it comes to physical pain. I am learning to not react as much. Hopefully it will help him to chill out too.
I try to use eczema cream sparingly, because it is strong stuff, try not to worry about the rare side effects though. Doesn't everything have hideous rare side effects?

Peterson Family said...

Ouch! I hate it when my little one gets hurt, I also hate to think there are many more to come. Good job on being such a good mom!

megan&steve said...

You are raising a tough guy for sure. My big worry lately is my sugar intake & how that can affect our little lady. The joys of pregnancy.

Nesting with Grace said...

I like how you "roll" it is always great to me :)haha!
So did that end the work out or did you say just put this cream on his head and I will back in 20 min. I need to finish my work out!

KiMnRoB said...

I think you are a perfect mother to your children. Your boys are amazing and a reflection of what you and Jeremy are. Everything is looking good from the outside looking in!
And pretty please, try and post some pictures of that buddha belly Brody smiling! I'd love to look at it while I'm at work!

Jones Family said...

JJ is a real man now that he's in the "tough guy" club. I am guilty of the same socialization tactics for my son. Today at the gym he told the babysitter girl that he got his boo boo from his hockey game. What? He doesn't even play hockey!

Poor little JJ.