Thursday, April 2, 2009

Best Cuzzies. Good times.

We  had so much fun visiting with Laura and her cute kids this week.  Joel and JJ (her youngest, my oldest) just LOVED each other.  This was especially fun for us since this marks the first time they have really just played together.  We rarely saw them when we were home.   Here they are at Chuck E Cheese.
Brody getting loves from his auntie.  
Kate was such a good little "mommy." Whenever he fussed she would run over and sing to him.  Always calmed him right down. (Wish she lived here!)
Here we are all together.  Notice Joel and JJ's matching pjs.  We had to wash them together so they could be matching every day! 

We had so much fun on their visit!! Living in Utah definitely has its perks! (like being able to see family often!)


Gustogirl said...

Those are some great pictures! I especially like the "CHUCK E CHEEEEESE!!!!" one, they look so cute all lined up. We're missing you guys already, thanks for hosting us!!

emily p said...

i love seeing little cousins playing together. and also seeing them in matching pjs. so cute.

KiMnRoB said...

How cute is that last picture of all of them? And JJ's face? Typical! That little crazy!
Love the layout and header! Did you make it?

Nesting with Grace said...

Body is getting so big and that cute girl looks like you!

jayna said...

Brody looks so much like JJ! You guys are going to be one of those ridiculously good looking families, with kids that have a "Tomlinson Look"! Lucky!