Saturday, February 14, 2009

A.H.W.o.S.G-Book Club

Still lovin the book club! Next month will be ONE YEAR since we started it!!Sophia hosted this month and we had so much fun. She went all out with heart-shaped mini pizzas, salad and "take-aways" for each of us.

As is often case with books I read, I didn't realize how much I liked the book until we were discussing it. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius is the memior of Dave Eggers, a creative and self-depricating/aggrandizing (depending on his mood) twenty-something. It was full of foul language, so I wouldn't reccomend it for everyone, but I thought it was hilarious (I sometimes found myself laughing out loud) a great book to discuss, with lots to think about.
Thanks for hosting, Soph.. your house is DARLING!


LindsSawyer said...

I LOVE and look forward to book club every month. Though I didn't finish this book the discussion was enlightening and further encouraged me to finish the book. I am so glad our book club has taken root and look forward to many more! Sophia's hosting abilities are excellent and those lil mini pizzas with fresh mozerella and avocado were DELICIOUS!

KiMnRoB said...

Mini heart shaped pizzas? I totally missed out. How does one even MAKE those? I'm sad I missed it!

Gustogirl said...

Sounds like a fun book and a fun night!

CoreyandShanda said...

I miss book club! It was always so much fun to get together with everyone. I'm still trying to keep up with the reading though, so I feel like I'm a little bit in touch! :)