Sunday, January 25, 2009

WOW! 11 days of non-blogging must mark some sort of a record for me.

The trouble now is I feel like a stranger to my blog. Sort of like contacting an old friend out of the blue.. You kinda think you have to have something important/witty/interesting to say or else why are you calling.. ya know?

Unfortunately, I got nothin.

Today, my life seems a perpetual blur of mothering duties. There seems to be way more diapers, midnight feedings, baths (but not for me), tears, and a lot less sleep than there were four short weeks ago. Crazy how adding about 8 pounds of human to a house can completely turn me upside down!

We did manage to take JJ to Jungle Jims playland for my cousin's daughter's birthday party. He
wasn't a huge fan of the rides.


I think I permanently scarred him last summer at Lagoon. Can you see the terror in his eyes??


thekirnancrib said...

I feel the same way about my blog... but at least you have a REASON! 4 weeks already, wow!!

Jones Family said...

JJ has the look of death on his face... haha.

Hang in there Rachel, it will get a lot better when Brody can sit in his high chair and eat Gerber puffs. That's when I started to feel like my life was getting back in control. Until then, lay around un-showered in your messy house and just survive!!!

Can JJ spend the night at Uncle Robert's house?

Grant * Kami * Addi said...

Kids are so funny when it comes to rides. I love the face that JJ sad and so cute all at the same time!!! ;)

LindsSawyer said...

Funny pic...Girl your life has been flipped upsidedown! I need a gym buddy again!~

KiMnRoB said...

I remember that ride at Lagoon... You were BOTH a little surprised at how scary it was!
And that pic of Brody is darling.

Ashlie said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. We missed you! I can't even imagine what chaos two children can bring, but I bet it is wonderful chaos. Poor little JJ on the ride. So sad, but I couldn't help but smile a little by his cute little face and crocodile tears.

Chantel said...

I didn't think we were going to live when we had Maxwell. 2 in diapers and no sleep seems to catch up to you quick!! It gets better. Good luck with everything!!

Travis & Leslie Doman said...

2 is hard but it does get better! you are the best mom ever, just remember that ya