Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tag Time.

I have not done a tag in like FOREVER.. but I think this one is a good exercise for the brain.. and I need to get in touch with myself, so here we go.
(if tags aren't bad enough, the brief explanation I always feel like I must do is just the worst!)

I am: a work in progress.

I think: life changes quickly.

I know: motherhood is rewarding.

I want: to eat, constantly.

I have: an unbelievable support system.

I dislike: being misunderstood.

I miss: my family.

I fear: losing a child.

I feel: content.

I hear: utter silence. (nap time)

I smell: My scented candle.

I crave: Maverick Frozen Yogurt.

I cry: when I am pregnant.

I usually: look at the bright side.

I search: for good books to read.

I wonder: what will become of the economy.

I regret: not being a better friend.

I love: "pajama day." (nothing to do but sit around and chilax with JJ and Jeremy... in our pjs.

I care: about being a good mother.

I would love to pay off my house.

I always: moisturize.

I worry: about too many things.

I am not: as patient as I should be.

I believe.

I sing: constantly.

I don't always: think before I talk.

I argue: sometimes for the sport of it.

I write: whatever I feel like.

I win: when I play Jeremy at video games

I lose: to him at almost everything else.

I wish: I had a team of cleaning ladies.

I listen: ..."What?"

I can usually be found: Doing some sort of household chore

I am scared: of being alone.

I forget: people's names way too easily.

I am happy: to hear JJ's giggles. I am an addict.


pinkmorning said...

this was fun to read. how are you feeling today?

Andrew, Cas and Stockton said...

You are so good with words. I can relate with much of what you said on your tag...and I agree, thats a good tag.

LindsSawyer said...

A team of cleaning ladies? Sign me up!!!!!

Gustogirl said...

I want cleaning ladies too. How can I possibly be expected to keep my house clean and stay up on everybody's blogs!

Andrew, Cas and Stockton said...

So, I really do want to do that Wee Sing class...when is it? Also, I am all for the rug on the wall idea because I needed something to hang above Stockton and I thought maybe it should be somewhat soft in case it me paranoid, but just in case, right?