Monday, August 4, 2008

Let Down--Book Review.

Just like the Rocky series would have been better if it ended with IV, the "Twilight Saga" should have ended with Ecclipse. Reading this latest bizaare, yet somehow predictable installment was sort of like watching a boring movie that you don't turn off because you think.. "it just HAS to get better."

Not only was I surprised at the adult nature of the content (in my opinion, definitely not appropriate for teenagers to read), but I even noticed several typos (a surprising pet peeve from this typo queen!). It was like Meyers just wanted to rush out this book and cash out on her giant payday. In my mind, after The Host and the desappointing conclusion to Twilight books, I am no longer a fan, and will not be reading/buying anymore of her books.

(I am still more than excited about our RETREAT.. and I will be saving the last three chapters as promised! )

On a different, but related note, I just finished The Glass Castle, our book club selection for October, and LOVED it. Check it out form the library and read it. Our meeting is October 9, so you have plenty of time.. and you will want a thought-provoking read after wasting a couple of days on Breaking Dawn.


CoreyandShanda said...

I'm not done with it yet...but I do agree with you, it was pretty predictable...really, I guess there was only one way you could go with that one!
But, of course, it was something that had to be read..even if it just sucked up precious time! :)
I'm sad I can't make it to the retreat..I'm sure it will be a blast!!

Linds said...

I'm not done either... but I'm enjoying it. I'm crazy though.

Stephenie Meyer really should fire her editor for the misspellings.

jayna said...

Rach- DITTO, DITTO, DITTO. I need therapy after suffering such a disappointment!

time-for-a-paws said...

What is the glass castle about? I am always up for a good read!

Travis & Leslie Doman said...

I like Breaking Dawn, definitely not as good as I thought but still like it so far, although am not done yet!!! We will talk i'm sure at the retreat all about it! I think you will like A New Earth, it is a book you really have to ponder and study though or maybe i'm just a little slow) anywho i like it so far!! well see ya soon LES

Natalie said...

I didn't read this book b/c it each one was worse and worse for me, but I noticed MANY typos in each book. I felt the same way about them being rushed through to get a payout. Lame!