Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stupid Updates.

Poop in the Pool.

Four little words can really spoil an afternoon.
JJ was such a good sport while getting his haircut today, I promised him we'd go swimming. (As if sitting in a car, having a sucker in both hands, and getting to watch Lightning Mcqueen wint eh Piston Cup AGAIN wasn't incentive enough.)

After only about 15 total minutes of water time, we were forced to sit out for what quickly turned into way too long for a toddler in 90 degree weather. We went home disappointed.

On the pregnancy front, I had a "stop and chat" with my neighbor who I have only talked to once before. When she found out I was expecting again, she said "I figured, we thought we HEARD YOU throwing up."

She was dead serious. That's right. I. am. LOUD. Good thing, my illegal use of my sister's old prescription of Zofran is really starting to kick this morning sickness in the rear.

I have been loving Yoga lately (especially because it is almost my only workout these days, sad I know)

Lastly, I purchased my first order from AVON recently. My cousin is a sales rep, and I mostly did it to support her. I got a couple of lip glosses ( which I wish went on a little thicker, but I love the color), some awesome blush that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, and their new Anew stretch mark cream.

That's right, I can own it, my first pregnancy left me with some battle scars, and I am more than a little concerned about it happening again. At $25, and a satisfaction guarantee, I thought I would give it a whirl. I have been using it for aobut 4 days, and I will be honest, I notice no change, but a slight tingle when I apply it. I will definitely keep y'all updated as it is a lot cheaper than the $100 serums I have seenout there.

That is it.


Thelissa said...

SO does the stretch mark cream prevent them or take the ones you already have away? My tummy looks like a topographical map. Course, this is child number 4. But if there was something that actually helped them go away, I would LOVE that!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

I am so glad that are doing well!! I was thinking about you this week. I started laughing out loud with the poop in the pool! AHh... summer!! :)

Nap Warden said...

Good for you for finding yoga. I did it when I was pregnant...loved it!

Linds said...

If only I had known about the stretch mark cream when I was prego the first time... Oh well!

Shanda&Corey said...

Gross...what a yucky way to end a fun day at the pool!!!
But I did love the picture I got in my head of JJ in the back seat with two suckers! Hilarious!! :)

Grant & Kami said...

Well I hope that you get feeling better soon. Nothing is worse than morning sickness.

Spammon said...

Porters ring pop gets covered in hair and he still sucks on the thing. I had to teach him to hold it up high when its not in his mouth.

I've never heard you puke, but now I'd really like to witness this. I am going to make puke and gagging sounds next time we see you. Maybe even talk about Hot Lard, Buzzard Puss and Cat Hair.

jayna said...

My empty baby-house could so use some ANEW...LET US KNOW IF IT WORKS!

Gustogirl said...

Tons of interesting facts in you post! I am glad that the pills are helping and I hope that the cream does help. I hate my stretch marks, I have literally a ton of them.

time-for-a-paws said...

Pregnancy is an adventure!

shelf said...

I wish I had an answer for your morning sickness but nothing worked for me, not even Zophran! Have you tried using baby oil? When I was pregnant I would rub baby oil on all the places you get those stretch marks and I didn't seem to gat any. Don't know if it really helped but anything is worth a shot!