Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dinner Tag- Taste of the Tropics.. not quite

tagged everyone to post a simple recipe that is a staple dinner in their household. I alternate between three or four, but I love adding new ones to the mix. The rule is that you cannot look something up, it has to be something that you just know how to make since you do it all the time or it is just that easy.

Mine is what we are having tonight:

Hawaiian Haystacks
One chicken breast for everyone (or a half whatever) boiled then shredded with a fork.. then add it to:
In a pot mix and bring to a boil:
One can of Cream of whatever you have (I like chicken or a mushroom/chick mix)
A cup or so of sour cream
a little milk to loosen the mixture of SC and Cream soup.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Instant rice cooked to directions.

Then have fun cleaning out your pantry finding canned Pineapple, coconut, Chinese noodles, Frozen Peas, green onion, cheese or whatever your family likes on their "haystack." I found that JJ loves this meal.


Shanda&Corey said...

Yum! I love these...I need to make them soon now! :)

Angie*Steve*Owen said...

i love these too! yours is a little different than mine...I will be sure to try it! thanks

Spammon said...

I don't really think a Hawaiian made this meal. The only thing Hawaiian is the pineapple. Maybe chop up some taro and coconut milk and you may be on to something.

LindsSawyer said...

We are making these tonight for dinner........LOVE hawaiian haystacks classic girls camp meal!