Thursday, March 6, 2008

Part Deux

50 things...
(otherwise titled: I came up with more)

26. I am easily angered by salespeople and stupid drivers. I seriously have some major road rage/incompetent customer service rage happening.

27. I usually feel really bad after I lose temper.

28. My hair grows really fast. I have chopped it almost chin length about 4 times in the past 6 years and it is long now.

29. I have had almost every hair color there is.

30. When I don't like someone, I usually say "I don't think that person likes ME..." I am such a lame girl that way. Not that there are people I don't like....

31. I sing and dance like nobody's watching when I am alone in my house.. or with JJ. He looks at me like I am crazy. It is hilarious.

32. I must make my bed. If I can't do it in the morning (there is always a good reason why), I have to make it before I get into it at night. I love diving into crisp sheets and a cleanly made bed.

33. For this reason, and others.. I love hotels.

34. My wardrobe of choice is a robe. Particularly, my COSTCO robe (you know the one, Kim and Lindsay!) I would wear it every where if it were socially acceptable.

35. I am a pretty opinionated person. I have stopped trying, however, to convince EVERYONE to think like me. I guess you could say that I have come to terms with the fact that some people are just wrong.

36. I will admit to recording "AI" (shudder, shudder) to stay relevant with my peers.... and I do love listening to David or whatever his name is from UTAH.

37. That is partially because I have Utah pride. It really bugs me when people rag on it. I love the seasons, the mountains, and the climate. If you don't like it move.

38. I do wish winter wasn't so long.

39. I am easily amused. When I saw my tulips peaking through yesterday I wanted to call the paper and submit a press release I was so excited!

40. That is most likely because I usually kill things.

41. JJ is actually growing nicely though. Weighing in at just under 30 lbs tonight at his doctor's appointment. I'd rather raise kids than plants anyway. Better hugs.

42. I am a huge proponent of Breastfeeding. I used to think it would be weird, but now that I have had a child and breast fed, I think it is the best option.

43. I am NOT the president of La Leche League.

44. My perfect day consists of hanging with my boys in our robes and eating junk food.

45. I lost my father when I was 5 and mourn his absence in my life.

46. I love to be creative, but I am not very crafty. I like sewing, but not from a pattern... that kind of stuff.

47. I really enjoy exercise. When I don't hit the gym, I have a rotten day.

48. i love to type like the wind. Once my brain gets going, I can't stop my fingers. Gsuess you ahve ntoiced teh typos...

49. I always beat Jeremy at all video games (we usually don't play them because he hates to lose) except for sports games.. he has some major skills.

50. I never could have imagined how much love I have more my son. I am nervous to have more because I don't know if I could love future kids as much... I know... so cliche.


Spammon said...

Rachel, don't lie, you sing and dance in front of people too. We went and saw you live.

Jayna & Family said...

Nice list- this was a fun read!

LindsSawyer said...

Love the post lucky for you the robe is accepted as normal in Vegas just ask Hugh...have a safe flight sorry you have to do the cattle call on southwest...we will enjoy our assigned seats on Delta! HA! great post!

Gustogirl said...

I remember thinking that there was no way that my other kids would measure up to Kate. I thought that somehow she would have a secret favorite place in my heart. Then Clark came along and how much do I love that kid? You love your kids so much and it is such a new kind of love with your first because you have never experience it before, but your heart just expands with each baby. Trust me on this one.

Natalie said...

Angie got me that Costco robe when I was first pregnant with Wes and I have since given it to 2 other pregnant ladies. It's a great one to have.

I LOVE American Idol. No shuddering here!

Stephanie said...

Rachel I thought the same thing about having more than one child. In fact I remember asking my mom how if at all possible could I love another one as much as Kaden. She told me that you just do and your love expands and grows. Well she was absolutely right. I love both of my boys so much. So question to you, are you considering having another one soon?:).. It was fun to read and get to know more about you.

Cecily R said...

Clearly I need a Costco robe. And I admit to DVRing American Idol. I fast forward through the bad singers (it embarrasses me, even in my own house), and through the judges, so I don't watch most of it. I know. I'm lame.

Linds said...

Glad you finished your list. :)

Did you go to Vegas? Lucky!

KiMnRoB said...

And yes, you are a big fat liar. I even witnessed your dance in the middle of a Vegas Casino this weekend.
I can just it now, you now doing the "lasso" twirl w/ both arms up!
That's what I love about you!


It was so fun to read all those things about you. The day I was in labor with Ashlyn I cried almost the whole day because I didn't think I would love her as much. I felt guilty but just kept crying. It is amazing how you love them all the same and in their own ways. You should have another one!! You'll be amazed!!!