Monday, March 31, 2008


I have been trying out a new, super fancy gym for the past 5 days and can I just say I love it! I love the shiny new machines, the ripped class instructors and the amazing locker room! Despite my lifetime membership to 24hour, and the $50 per person pricetag of this new place, we have been seriously considering joining.

There is just one hang up.

The kids club.

The staff there seem to be preoccupied with each other or themselves. They are rude to me and don't make much notice of JJ (or the kids to kids for that matter). I know what you may be thinking... did any of the new children bite him yet? The answer is gratefully no, but the way that he kicks and scream s when I try to leave him there just leaves me a bit displeased. The first couple days I figured that it was just the newness and overwhelmingnessof the atmosphere. However, when it got no better after the first few days I began to wonder... I typically have a child who goes happily to most independent ventures and rarely screams to hold me.

I decided to consult with a neighbor who is a gym officianado and she said that she loved that gym, but when pressed, admitted that she left because her kids HATED going to the kids club. Hoping it was a fluke (and really wanting to join this gym), I questioned another neighbor (this time a dad) and he said that not only did his kids hate going there, but once his one year old came home with bruises all over. He found out that another child had been railing on his baby and no one broke in until another mom came in and stopped the insanity!

Deal Breaker?
Remember how NICE this gym is and how sore I have been after classes.... and did I mention the POOL?


KiMnRoB said...

My thoughts- your child's safety comes first. Even though it's a fancier spot with a pool and shiny new machines, if he does reasonably well in other situations and isn't comfortable in this one, SOMETHING must be up.
You could always have him stay with someone while you go to the gym? I wish I were closer (and didn't work) so that I could watch him for you!

LindsSawyer said...

I have to say I have worked harder this past week with you as a work out buddy and would like it if you joined but understand the issues with JJ and hope he will adapt to the new place quickly! Think of the hot summer days laying out at that nice pool and reading our book club books! HA!

pinkmorning said...

i would not continue to leave JJ there, if he is crying like that and being so unlike himself, something is up. you just never know what is going on when you are gone, JJ's reaction is the only clue you have to his experiences there.

Linds said...

It sounds like JJ knows best in this situation. I agree with Julie. However, since you love the new gym and you are feeling the painful positive results, you should just go when you have a babysitter!

thekirnancrib said...

linds has something going here! just stinks that you'd have to pay even MORE for a babysitter!

Dara said...

This should not be a question. If JJ is giving you clues and you have evidence to back it up with your friends opinions of the Kids Club, I am not sure what the question is. From your previous blog entry, it is all about the safety and protection of your family. This place obviously does not cut it for JJ. Find a sitter or have your friends join your gym that JJ is safe at and that he already enjoys the kids club. Good Luck!

Dara said...

Did not mean for that to sound harsh, I just tried to imagine being in your shoes...wanting the new fancy gym and all the perks, but if Madison was giving me those clues and my friends were telling me they left the gym for reasons that would leave Madison in potential harm, it would not be a question in my mind. Again, good luck with deciding what to do! I don't envy your position at the moment, but I am sure whatever you do, will work out for the best!

Erin said...

The daycare at our gym sucks too! We only took the kids there once and it was awful! So when we renew, we are getting the package without the daycare, and go separately so the kids don't have to go there.

Beanie said...

Put on your activist and pr hat Rachel and go have a talk with the manager of the gym about your survey of Moms and your reason for considering not joining the gym. They need to know about it and make changes. Love, Mom