Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Joy

Imagine my excitement when the doorbell rang this morning and I saw the FEDEX guy driving away! Sitting on m y front porch was my SWAP GIFT!! The lovely and talented mom from organized chaos got my name and I couldn't be happier! Look at all of this loot!
From reading her blog, I realize that she must have MADE this cute Easter sign. How amazing is that? It is so cute and is just my style!
Thank you! Thank you!
Swaps are fun.


thekirnancrib said...

SUCH cute stuff! i sure missed out! :)

pinkmorning said...

that sign is so cute!

Organized Chaos said...

You are cute. Always nervous when I make something if someone will like it so I am happy.

pinks & blues girls said...

Isn't the FedEx truck driving up or away from your house one of the greatest things!? That Easter sign is SO ADORABLE!!! I love it!!!!!!!!

Jane, Pinks & Blues