Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clown Purse

Horrified and dismayed, I was tagged by Kim to photograph my purse for the world to see... without cleaning it out first.
I operate from a myriad of purses that all live my car. I picked this bag as it is brimming with goodies in a post-church (with a toddler) stupor and because it was a gift from Kim herself for my last birthday.

1. A mini Airplane and lowrider truck for JJ's entertainment.
2. The Hungry Caterpiler (JJ's current favorite book from his aunt and uncle Ward), my church manual, and a word book for JJ.
3. Not to be outdone in lipglosses: 5 shades and flavors for whatever comes my way!
4. A bag of Survival food for church meetings
5. A calculator (wow.. I am a nerd)
6. One Peso, Two Sky High Coins.
7. 2 Girly "lolli's"
8. JJ's immunization record (extra prepared or extra lazy since we had his dr's appt last week.. you decide)
9. wipes
10. Two Diapers
11. Lerner Coupon.
12. JJ's fake crocs.

Tada. I will admit I did NOT photo the garbage that was in there.
I will copout and tag everyone (which really means I tag no one! See how clever I am?)


thekirnancrib said...

nice. brave woman!!! :D

Linds said...

Black diaper / kid totes are the best. Seriously, they look so much cleaner than other colors.

I once found candy in Porter's diaper bag that had been in there for months, "ucky!"

Notebooks said...

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pinkmorning said...

haha, you are brave, i would never do this as i have so much junk in my purse...

Nap Warden said...

Wow, you are so organized...I'm a mess!

KiMnRoB said...

The last comment has NO idea of Rachel's organizational talent. This girl has skillz!
Thanks for playing along!
And why am I not surprised about the calculator? You must be like Robert in that you calculate price vs. per ounce of product to see which brand of whatever it is, is the best deal.

Erin said...

I make Jason pack the diaper bag for church--he always dumps the crumbs and garbage.

JJ is so cute in that little outfit!

I love your header too!

LindsSawyer said...

Loved this post and Tag...and yes commenting on my lucious lips is a bit lesbo.......HA! You are pretty organized considering JJ's curious mind and all things necessary for his entertainment on the go. I bought Enchanted looking forward to a singalong session Friday call to discuss menu!

Spammon said...

I've never heard tampons referred to as "Girly Lolli's". Weird.

Andrew, Cas and Stockton said...

I will have to let you know if I am going to come this weekend or not...I would really like to and actually kind of need it, but I don't think Andrew is planning on going to Wendover due to family being in town and Easter festivities we have planned. Will let you know for sure though!

Nice purse...mine looks eerily similar!

Angie*Steve*Owen said...

You are so prepared and put together.
I will be there Friday.

Grant & Kami said...

I would love to come this friday and do some major hanging out with beautiful friends!!! I was wondering what time you are planning on getting together? My grandparents are going to stop by and say hi on Friday so depending on when you are getting together I might be late. But I am so very excited to see everyone, it's been way to long.

Grant & Kami said...

Well I might be a little late but count me in for sure!!! What would you like me to bring?

Shauna Belknap said...

Love the new look to your blog. I did that awhile back to and I was so embarrassed at the Sonic fry sauces and straws in my bag. (And I didn't include a picture of all the crumbs in the bottom.)

Scott, Kara, and Paul said...

Rachel Proctor! Its been too long. How are you?! Your little boy is so cute! Hope all is well.

Kara (Talkington)


MamaGeek said...

Not bad at ALL! You got it together Rachel. And you know what I love most? Visiting and seeing a new blog design each time.

You rule. That is all.

Beanie said...

I can see in my purse every journey I've made in the last 6 months away from home--including many different earphones from different airlines. Why don't I throw some of these away?

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Those little Crocs (who cares that they're "fake!") are too cute for words!

Love that you carry a calculator... that's something I actually do need in my purse! I'm terrible at math!

Jane, Pinks & Blues