Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Separatist Society

I just have to say that since we moved into our new house a year ago nothing about it has made me merrier than our separate vanities in the master bathroom.

I cannot find the words to describe the joy I have in knowing that all of the messes contained therin are mine.

No little black whiskers for me to cautiously maneuver around.
No dried shaving cream stuck to the rim of my sink. No sir.

Oh the joy.

After finding what pretty much amounts to our dream house up for sale for a ridiculously low price, we have put our house on the cold molasses real estate market to see if we will get any nibbles.

Don't even ask.

The good news is that our home is now "staged to sell" and I find myself enjoying living here so much more. I feel like those people on the HGTV shows that ask designers to come help them sell their home, but after putting a little work into the house, end up wishing they could stay.

Well, maybe I am not wishing I could stay, but I do love my separate vanities.

It is the little things.



Linds said...

I don't have separate vanities, but I couldn't live without my separate sinks.

Good luck with the house!

LindsSawyer said...

Separation of vanities is definately a BEST PRACTICE in home design. I can only hope to find a home that has a sit down hollywood like vanity with drawers to organize make up. A girl can dream....
Need to stop by and see the new goodies in the house. Good luck with the sell...moving sucks.

Spammon said...

After moving in our house last year, the thought of moving again right now makes me cringe. Good luck on the house!

Gustogirl said...

My dream house would contain separate master bathrooms and closets. To just emerge, brushed and flossed and pottied would make me feel so much more mysterious. HAhaha, I know this will never happen, but our separate sinks are a good start.

thekirnancrib said...

ugh, moving. not one of my favorites! we moved in 9 months ago and we are barely unpacked. and our bathroom is small, remodeled yes, but so small. we have one pedestal-like sink... and the whiskers drive me NUTS!!! :)

pinkmorning said...

dave and i have separate bathrooms, it did not start out like that on purpose, we just leave at the same time and drive together, and it is pretty if only they were bigger :)

i finished putting together my easter package for the swap and i am so excited. i really should have bought things that were more "mailable" but oh well, hope that nothing breaks...

Nap Warden said...

We just moved into our house. First time with separate saver!

shauna said...

Wow! Looking forward to hearing much more about the dream house.