Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year.

Happy New Year!

We have been under piles of laundry, large amounts of projects, and Christmas toys for a couple weeks. Jeremy chose to savor his self-employment and stay home for an entire week. It was so fun to have him here and we got to play with JJ, laugh, sing, and tell stories day in and day out. Now it is back to the grind, but I am excited about the New Year. It seems that the hope that a new year always brings lends itself to an inner rejuvenation for me. I have yet to plot out any resolutions, but instead I want to have a more resolved heart. I plan to be a better wife and mother, but I need to plan out how that will come about.

JJ continues to make me laugh and wince with his exploration and destruction of his surroundings. He is talking more and more and is starting to put words together. It is fun to see my baby become a little boy.

We are looking forward to this new year with trips already planned to Washington DC and Cancun.


shauna said...

Washington DC and Cancun! How fun.

Happy New Year to the Like a Star family! It was nice you got to spend so much time together over the holiday.

KiMnRoB said...

I just read your comment on Dara's blog about the vaseline- HILARIOUS! I hope you have pictures! "Face?" Oh how I love him!
Also, post some pictures of your backsplash! I'm dying to see it!

linds said...

Yay for laundry, I'm knee deep myself.

Ammon had the whole week off also, a full day at work yesterday nearly killed him.

You guys always go to the best places on vacation... lucky!

Dara said...

Vaseline???? I hope you got a picture!!!!

Gustogirl said...

JJ is sooo cute and I am excited to watch him so Joel and he can pal around!