Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How to Spend $300 Without Really Trying..

I have a small addiction to spending money since I became a SAHM. I used to be frugal frugalton, but now I can barely make it through the day without seeing something I just can't live without. I had a whole therapeutic post written about this disease, but never published as it was all too comprehensive in delivering my skeletons from their respective closets and you never know when the hubs is going to fancy himself a read on this here blog.

This morning started off great. I packed some granola bites for JJ as we headed to the gym... where, I might add, I increased my run to 3.5 miles... (thought I would never get over the 3 miles mark... and please don't ask how long it took) .

Anyway, I rushed from the gym to meet the "shutter guy" for a quote on covering two windows I didn't think needed shading before. After a friendly exchange on politics (still reeling from last night's FL fiasco), he told me the deposit for the shutters would be $126 and I promptly presented him with a check.

The next time the doorbell rang was none other than a door to door salesman pedaling steaks. I was feeling in a spendy mood and quickly dropped another $150 on meat (this was actually a pretty good deal, believe me).

I then paid my bills online, and checked out Everyone knows I need a new camera since JJ lost mine (yes, Jeremy, it WAS JJ) and they have a 8MP camera there today for 85 bucks.

I can't bring myself to call Jeremy AGAIN to approve such a purchase, so I will have to pass.

I must say, it felt pretty good to not even have to venture into the cold, yet still have spent way more than I should have in one day.

And it is only 2 PM.


LindsSawyer said...

I also suffer from this disease but it sounds like your purchases were necessities roof over your head and food. At least it wasn't new chanel earrings or a 150$ BCBG boots that fall apart after 2 months....I keep thinkin that one day if I am SAHM my spending will decrease not being out and about so much but sounds like it doesn't...YIKES!

linds said...

ha! Frugal Frugalton. I am frugal, unless I see something I MUST have. Which is often. I noticed my spending got worse when I started staying home too... well on my days off that is. Either way you can always make more money. Gotta treat yourself.

Gustogirl said...

Spending money makes me happy, or I should say, saving money on my purchases. Who can pass up a bargain. I love to troll the Target Clearance racks just waiting to find things I just can't live without. I think as long as you are living within your means and saving properly, spend away!! I want some of those steaks!!! They sound yummy. I am too cheap for steak!

megan&steve said...

You still find good deals though Rach. I feel like everytime I'm out I just swipe my visa and don't even see what the total was. This is a bad habit that needs to stop. We all know money doesn't grow on trees! Lets meet up next week for lunch!

girlymom said...

I got into the spendy habig too and am currently trying to swing the other's hard though when you do see those bargains, and it seems you always need to buy things for the house all at once. Don't worry~ did you hear about the rebates Washington is proposing? Throw that into savings and you're good as new! :)

thekirnancrib said...

YAY for 3.5 miles!!!! I have your disease too... except I don't have money, hmmmmm :)

MamaGeek said...

Rachel, Ms. frugal frugalton, this is called retaily therapy. And it's perfectly alright. At least that's what tell myself. :)

3.5 miles? I'm so impressed. I'm maxing out at 2.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Ohhhhh such a fabulous post!!! I love to window shop, but we know what that leads to.... I found posting all the great deals is therapy for me because then I can live through the people who get them instead of me buying up all the good deals! Oh and it's totally justified to buy things on sale, right? ;)

Great post! Oh and I'm jealous of the 3.5 miles. I'm such a slacker!


Erin said...

Been there, Done that. Over and over and over and over.

Congrats on the 3.5 miles. You are awesome!

KiMnRoB said...

3.5 MILES???
That is such an accomplishment! I bet that feels good... Good for you!
So you have inspired me to run. So far I can only run 1 mile strait through w/out stopping. Baby steps I know.
Good job!
And be glad you didn't buy the camera- I heard it wasn't very good quality. But don't take my word for it.

Spammon said...

You fell for the meat guy at your door? Oh man, I'm sorry. I told that guy where to stick his $50/lb meat.

Andrew, Cas and Stockton said...

Hey...I finally did the tag...Boy am I a slacker? It was really fun to see you guys a couple nights in a row...we will have to keep it up.

I had to copy you on the potatoes thing (about how you love them anyway anyhow..) I am constantly getting crap from Andrew because of my love for potatoes whether they are baked, mashed, fried, etc! YUM!

shauna said...

You go, girl! I'm Cheapsy Cheapinsky--nice to meet you. I keep telling myself that once I make it big I'll buy big.

And what to run! I'm so impresses, and inspired!