Saturday, December 22, 2007


Recently we looked at some pictures of my mom and her siblings from when they were growing up. My mom kept saying, "Oh.. I loved that dress.." and "I remember that sweater.." We all commented on how many distinct memories we have of our clothes.

I used to have a pair of these slipper boots called mukluks. Oh, how I loved the way they would keep me warm in the winter and cover me a bit in the short shorts I used to rock during the summer. They were knit and leather and just plain awesome. I really don't know what happend to the two pair that I had, and quite honestly, I haven't thought much about them until I saw my sister inlaw sporting a pair very simliar last Sunday at family dinner. She had her pajama pants all tucked in and looked so warm.. and stylin. My little mind grew green with envy as I realized how much I missed my sweater boot mukluks. Ever since I have been on a mission.

Jen got hers at Old Navy, but they were completely sold out by the time I got there. Part of the problem was that I could not remember the name "mukluk." So, I have searched high and low for knit slipper boots, when one morning last week I came across a website that called them "mukluks." My mind was flooded by memories of high school and college in which my slippers had been worn everywhere. I remember loving them while rehearsing in the giant auditorium at good old Hilcrest High and the smaller one at Byu-Idaho.

I ordered some online and am anxiously waiting for their arrival. I know it may sound retarded, but they will be such a blast from the past for me. I can't wait to slip them on and reminisce.


pinkmorning said...

haha, i remember these, do you remember when i came to visit you at ricks and i said, "stop in the name of love" and that is what you started calling them? no wonder you couldn't remember "mukluk" hahaha

shauna said...

I love them! And I'd love to get my daughter a pair. Her current pair of boots just don't do the trick, and these look so wam and toasty. Tell us how well they work.

Spammon said...

Mukluks...Eskimo Boots. I remember watching a Sesame Street when I was a wee little pip and saw an Eskimo talking about his Mukluks. I remember thinking, "Hey, thats a silly name".

linds said...

now I am green with envy, they are so cute and look so comfy!

I hope you feel better!

Shanda&Corey said...

I totally want a pair! Those are the ones from Urban Outfitters right? I love that store! Hopefully they are as comfy and soft as they look!!