Saturday, November 10, 2007

Letter for JJ

Dear JJ,
You are fifteen months old. I can't believe that it has only been that long. You entered our lives with tears and joy. This month you decided that you are feisty. You like to throw tantrums when things don't go just right... must be in the genes. Sorry about that. The other day you couldn't hit the golf ball you were addressing, got upset and threw the golf club. You then picked up the golf bag and threw that too. Your father who was looking on, shook his head and said "it is like looking in a mirror." JJ, sometimes it is. The responsibility that comes with your watchful eyes tracing our every move has become quite daunting for me. It makes me want to do the right thing and show you how to be a productive human being.

This past month you have also decided that you love books. I love this about you. When there is a slight lull in your entertainment, you gleefully grab a book.. run up, sit on my lap and say "booh.." You are so talkative and can say a myriad of words. Favorite words include: golf, hot (you say "hoth"), shoes, thank you (pronounced kah-coo) and dad. The best part is that you are starting to comprehend what I am saying to you. I can tell that you want to do the right thing, but still like to test my requests. For example, you know that you are not to take you clubs on the hardwood floors, but you go right to the edge, look at me and say "no." This does not always stop you, however. You are truly an independent little person.

You love your daddy. Seriously and whole heartedly. In the morning when you wake and sit in your crib waiting for us to drag ourselves up, you usually call for daddy. Also, when you hear the garage door at the end of the day you run to the door and say "Dadadada." You anxiously await his long walk from his car and jump into his arms. Jeremy loves it. Your next word is typically, "golf." Daddy loves to golf with you.

You love other kids and blond ladies. You shamelessly flirt with the bleached-haired moms at The Little Gym and they all eat you right up. When we sit in a circle and sing or play, you love to run right into the middle giggling and making everyone laugh. You are quite social and love to make friends with other kids... even when they are not interested.

You are funny. Kids are funny inherently, but you take it to the next level. You TRY to be funny. You get a kick out of yourself and we do too.

Most importantly, you have given our lives meaning. Your beautiful blue eyes bring me so much happiness and we love you to pieces.




Gustogirl said...

What a swett letter and what a great mom you are!! JJ is truly a joy to be around and I am excited to see him and you!

pinkmorning said...

maybe that is why JJ doesn't like me...because i don't bleach my hair...

Jayna & Family said...

So sweet Rachel! This is a great journal entry to pass on to him someday!

Rachel said...

So not only do we get a peak into the life that is J.J....we also got to feel the overwhelming love you have for him. I feel the same way about my kids and this is what truly makes all of us mommies stick together. How much we love our babies...however old they are!

Maxfield Family said...'s our blog

the daily knack said...

jj is getting so big. 15 months went by fast!

WorksForMom said...

Wow, beautiful letter AND beautiful little boy. 15 months goes by SO fast when they're THAT cute.

KiMnRoB said...

What a sweet letter to little JJ.
He truly is a ham and both Rob and I love being around him.
You forgot to mention how adorable his little "blow out the candles" is! I guess it's not really blow, but an extinguish w/ all his spit... so cute!

shauna said...

What a neat letter, and what a great tradition to start. I think it means a lot to a child when they see evidence like this of a parent's love.