Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Boring Little Update--

I guess I think that if I ignore my blog it will know how mad I am at it. The other day I spent a good chunk of time posting about Oprah's favorite things. Yesterday the episode aired and who doesn't love that one? Anyway, I seemed to go on and on with my list of favorite things with pictures and everything. When I went to post it all was lost. Seriously... just gone never to be found again. In protest, I have not blogged since. Take that.... blog! I really CAN live without you.

Anyway, this morning my eyes zing open at 4:30... 4:30!! Knowing that I won't be able to drift back, I thought I would cease this quiet, childless moment for some quality time with the blog. Ya know, to see if we can still be friends.

I have had a good number of family in town for my Thanksgiving extravaganza. We have been keeping ourselves so busy that the time is melting away. I am happy that I still have Christmas to look forward to because I have been so excited to have the family in town. Yesterday we shopped a bit, then toured the Sweet's Candy Factory here in Salt Lake. It was pretty fun, free, and interesting. I wish that we were able to get a little closer look but I could write a whole post about the Pepperidge Farm memories that tour brought back. The smells alone......
The remainder of the day was spent baking gingerbread houses. Although I have helped my mom produce these before, this was my first time leading the charge. What a big job!

One of our family's most fun traditions is decorating gingerbread houses on Thanksgiving. My grandma must have spent days building the 20-30 houses for each child and with our bellies full, we would gather round and all get creative. No two houses ever looked alike from year to year nor cousin to cousin. This is a fun tradition, but only if you are making under ten. Cannot stress enough..VERY big job. Just makes me really appreciate, again, all the hard work spent in my behalf that largely went unnoticed while I was young. I will say that the scent of gingerbread drifting through the house like a favorite seasonal visitor goes a LONG way for getting you in the holiday spirit.

Anyway, for today we will be prepping for our meal tomorrow, baking my Grammie's Homemade Apple pies (one for us and one to give away) and the kids will be making place cards. Should be good times.

Wow, I didn't even talk about the paper mache turkeys I have been making with my niece and nephew! Again.. a whole post could be written... just know that if you think it would be a good idea to do something like this, think again. Pictures to come.. I promise.

In closing, being a grown up, if nothing else, really helps you appreciate what was done for you as a child. The joys and hardships of raising a child, once experienced personally, only helps you be more grateful for your own parent's efforts. Making dinner every night also makes you realize the time, money, and energy spent in keeping you fed for so many years. I really love to notice this at the holidays becuase my mom always went to great lengths in creating festive and memorable family traditions. As a new mother, at this time of year, I find myself anxious to do this same thing in my family. I am grateful not only her doing that for us, but for the legacy that will be in my family and my sibling's family. I know that these shared expereinces helps bind families together.

Happy Thankgiving!


the daily knack said...

I am sorry that you lost your "favorite things" post. I would have liked to read that one. You should just do another one! (I can relate to the feeling of a lost post... it ticks me off!)

It was fun to look back with you at your Holiday Traditions. Everything you said about recognizing everyones efforts as an adult is so true! We have talked a lot about traditions and keeping them alive, you motivate me to be more traditional!

Thanks for your comments on my last post! You are such a great friend! I look forward to our chats, posts, comments, and our time spent together! The way I see it you are stuck with me... plan on a lifetime. Tell JJ he is stuck with Porter as well. They are going to play on the same little league teams and possibly at Bingham... right!?!?!

P.S. Ammon was such a gigalo back then! ;)

thekirnancrib said...

that STINKS about your favorite things post! i was looking forward to that!!! have a great thanksgiving Rachel!

WorksForMom said...

Oh man I am so sorry about your lost post. I bet is was awesome. :) I did see that show, isn't it a hoot to see the women go nuts. I would to if I got all that cool stuff.

And you're right, kids put the fun back in the holidays!

Jayna & Family said...

I hate it when that happens! I've gotten so paranoid I "copy" emails, etc. if I'm writing a long one before I hit "send." For the record, I loved that Oprah! :)Happy THanksgiving!

pinkmorning said...

happy thanksgiving! i had fun at the movie with you today.

shauna said...

I'm so glad you and the blog made up! Although we'll missed the favorite things post, we would've missed you even more...