Thursday, October 18, 2007

School Choice

There is something brewing here in Utah. One can’t turn on TV, pick up a newspaper, or listen to local radio shows without hearing about the subject of School Vouchers. I am not going to pretend that I know everything about this topic neither as an ideological concept nor the more specific bill that squeaked by congress with one vote. Although I am interested in this matter as I will soon have a child that will need to be educated in this great state, I have been sitting safely on the fence not really forming an opinion… and not really even paying attention. However, since Election Day is coming, I clued in to the Doug Wright Show this morning in my car, and finally made my decision about how I feel about this issue.

You see this is my basic approach to politics in general: the more empowered I can be as a citizen, the better. For example, I am not for Hillary Clinton’s Health Care reform as I believe that it will limit competition, detract from our current environment for excellence in research and give me fewer options to choose from. I prefer Mitt Romney’s plan of supporting start up Health Care companies through tax incentives to promote more of a free market atmosphere. Although I have not read the school voucher bill, and have heard that there are some precarious loopholes, my feeling is that vouchers give parents the opportunity to choose the right school for their child. Power to the Parents. Doug Wright had a guest on that was anti-vouchers and while she seemed articulate and level-headed, she did not convert me to her point of view. I think that she thought her most powerful argument was that most teachers are against vouchers and, “afterall they are the ones in the classroom; they are the ones who really care about the kids.” That is a sweet though, but who cares about a child’s education more than said child’s parent? In the case of my son… no one.

I won’t go on and on.. but the fact is a simple one. I think that vouchers promote more competition for education. I love the idea of having a choice whether or not my child will have to attend public school. If I would like a portion of my tax dollar to go towards my child’s education and I want that schooling to take place some place other than public school, shouldn’t I have the right to make that happen? Also, I think that is is great that there would be more money left over at the school to help fund the other children’s learning. It seems like a win-win. Maybe it is just me.

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Natalie said...

Of course I have no idea what's going on down there in Utah, but as for me, I'm already considering private school for my 6 month old. Sorry to the teachers, but I think the public school system has some serious issues.