Monday, August 20, 2007


I sort of pride myself on being tidy. I know it isn't much, but for me, to look around and not see clutter is huge! I can deal with dirt, just not cluttter.. how weird is that?? Anyway, as my previous post mentioned, JJ has had a huge influx of inventory in the toy department. It is really fun to see him actually interested in playing with things and in figuring out the way they all work. It is further nice to be able to get some other things done while he plays on his own from time to time. The problem is this.... alhtough he is old enough to get into the toys and pulls each amazingly bright colored hunk of plastic out, he does not grasp the idea of putting them away. As a result, I am perpetually cleaning up toys. I know that this is old news for any mom who may be reading this, but somehow I thought I would be immune from this particular parental dilemma. I thought that my child would surely have my same sensibilites when it came to domestic order, that perhaps even if it didn't come through DNA, I would transfer this compulsion through osmossis. Not so. Okay, he is 12 months old, I should cut him some slack, right? So here is my current quest: to find a nice toy storage option that doesn't look like we live at a daycare, but still organizes his playthings and puts them in easy grabbing distance for a baby/toddler.
My mother in law recently purchased this trunk fro her toys: Very nice in my opinion:

I really like htis one if it were in a darker colr, or even black. I love the compartmentalized stoarge aspect, but I don't think that it would hold enough. This next one is great, I can imagine busting out my label maker and labeling each box with the appropriate category. In my mind's eye, I can even see JJ learning his ABC's through the labels. But who am I kidding that would last for what, like two seconds? It would just become a jumbled mess.Okay, so I acutally love this Cubs box. My husband is a huge fan, and I have to say that Baseball is one of my favorite sports as well. I just can't see myself putting this in my living room. This one may be good for him room someday, however, so I will keep it in mind.

Does anyone have any good advice on toy storage solutions or am I doomed to live in a brightly colored jungle of toys until my children are grown? Please help!


Gustogirl said...

I have new sympathy for our two huge two closets in our basement that were always a mess and I thought they were horrible. All of those sound like great options, but over and beyond the organized places, you need something that is a catch-all. For those moments when the doorbell rings and you have to pick up everything that is on the floor in 5 seconds flat.

shauna said...

I think anything with separate bins is great (that that one shelving unit with the clear containers). I don't like toyboxes (cute as they may be) because my kids tended to dump them all our to find what they wanted. At least when we compartmentalize things in bins, they limit their messiness (although Zack has been known to dump all the bins in 5 minutes flat).

Pinks & Blues said...

I wish I could tell you I had the magic answer. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm don't mind dust and dirt... it's the clutter, it gives me anxiety - I swear! I recently purchased a bright colored storage box organizer from Target. It's loud and right there in your face, but it seems to be working. I can throw stuff in quickly and make the room "clean" in seconds. I tried a trunk in the living room - but the boys were catching their hands on it and I began too scared - so that is now in the basement. Other than that... I bought 3 pretty large baskets from Pier 1 and use those as toy storage too. Those are my favorite. It's actually ridicuous the amount of toys these 3 boys have, I just went through some after the recall and threw a bunch out and ended up donating safe toys.
Sorry this is so long!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues

Jayna & Fam said...

Two kids = Toy in, the bonus room is filled with toys. Enjoy ONE kid's clutter while it lasts...Wha ha haa (evil, knowing laughter)

pinks & blues girls said...

I don't have anything to offer... but I love the options you've presented!! I'd put any of them in my home (well, except for the Cubs one - I'm a Red Sox fan!) - even without kids!

Jane, P&B Girls

the daily knack said...

Wish I could help. I'm afraid we suffer from toy clutter at our house too.

mama k said...

We have a cheap wicker basket. Like a laundry basket size. It makes for easy clean up as I just chuck everything in the open top. It kinda blends in with the decor and didn't cost a ton.
Another thing I started doing is rotating the toys. I pack like half of them up and then every week or so, I rotate in some "fresh" ones and pack up the old ones. That way he doesn't get bored playing with the same toys all the time and I get to keep the clutter under control. :)