Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Guess I Rock!

Shauna at Up in the Night gave me a huge ego boost today and nominated me for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award! Thanks for sharing the love, girl. Shauna has an extremely clever blog. It is always thoughtful and really well-written. I love to check it out to find a new post.

Anywho... On to my nominees. I am not sure how many I can do, but I want to nominate three of my favorite blogs. Go ahead check them... you know you want to go there. Feel free, only please come back here once you realize my reamblings here are niether smart, no well-written.

PinkMorning: you are my sister, and I love you, but I would love your blog even if you were a stranger. You are a great writer, and your posts make me feel closer to you. You have a great following and I am proud to call you mine! You are definitely a Rockin Girl Blogger.

3dayblog: You are farily new to me in the blog world, but I seriously LOVE your blog. Your honesty and down-to-earthness is inspriational. Go on with your Rockin self!

AbsolutelyBananas blog is way too funny! She is clever, hillarious, and well-written too ( everythig I look for in a BLOG). She has tons of readers, but takes time to look at every comment and check other people's blogs too. You rock!

Last but not least, the blog that started it all for me..

The Daily Knack. You rock because I love you guys, and occasionally your feature pictures of my JJ. Not only that, you taught me how to blog and continue to provide IT support. Thanks! You rock!


pinkmorning said...

Yay! Your blog really is a rockin' girl blogger. I bet you feel "like a star"

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, i appreciate it. i love you!

Absolutely Bananas said...

gee thanks! You are too kind!!

the daily knack said...

Congrats on rockin' the blogger world! And thanks for the nomination!

Rachel said...

wow I have proof that my readers are more than just my mom and my husband (under duress).
I have never been nominated what?

shauna said...

You do rock! And I look forward to visiting the nominees that are new to me.

LikeAstaR said...

all you do, Rachel, is post the badge of honor on your site and then spread the love around by nominating others. Have fun!

Rachel said...

Thanks...I hope my new-to-blogging nerdiness didn't show too much...
hee hee