Friday, July 27, 2007

GOOGLE-man's best friend

"It's hard to get clean in HARD water... and We're in a Hard water town." I found this fact to be distrubingly true as I tried to clean my windows this past weekend. Since our sprinklers had not been adjusted since installation, our windows were hit and covered in dried on, hard, irrigation water. I took out my washer, and it did nothing! Frustrated, I went to GOOGLE, where all the problems can be solved, and discovered that Hard Water won't just wash off with normal soap. ( I knew that after cleaning my showers, etc, but I guess that I didn't equate my sprinkler irrigation water with Hard, cullinary water. HUGE DUH moment.)

Anyway, I read that with a little elbow grease and a vinegar/water mixture the stains should come right off... and did they ever! I am so pleased with my sparkling windows! I got to enjoy them for about 10 minutes too because we FINALLY got some much needed rain right after I washed them. Murphey's Law!


shauna said...

I heart google. In fact, some people think, "How did the pioneers ever survive without running water and electricity?" I think, "How did anyone survive without Google?"

pinkmorning said...

dave teases me that i love doing "research" as he calls it, but the fact is, google has the answers you are looking matter what the question is.

Gustogirl said...

I am glad you found something to get your windows clean!!!

pinks & blues girls said...

Google really does work miracles!

And so does vinegar... it's an amazing little liquid!

Jane, P&B Girls

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

It's funny... my mother-in-law swears by vinegar. She uses it to clean her floors, windows and surfaces. She says it works better (and is cheaper) than anything out there!!
Good to know b/c my floor is disgusting!
Pinks & Blues Girls

the daily knack said...

Used vinegar to clean the house today! It works wonders. Thanks for the tip.