Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good Morning Baltimore!

I LOVE musicals! I always have. I am pretty sure I rented Grease or Annie every year for my birthday party! I vividly remember grabing the Arts section from the Sunday newspaper, looking up auditions as a child and asking my mom to cart my sister and I around town to sing for the directors. I was excited for the new movie Hairspray from the moment I saw the trailer. Although, I know many many musical soundtracks and storylines, Hairspray was pretty unfamiliar to me. For this purpose, I rented the Ricki Lake version, but was disappointed to say the least. Still planning to see the new movie ( I am huge fan of John Travolta and contemporary musical movies), I jumped at the chance to celebrate my sister's birthday with a matinee of the show!
I was pleasantly surprised at the fabulousness of the movie! From the opening scene/song, I was excited and could feel the energy of the performers. Although, this Tracy Turnblad looked a great deal like Ricki Lake, she was extrodinarily lovable and talented. John Travolta made me laugh so hard as the drag queen-mother, Edna. And of course, Christopher Walken, another all time favorite, as Tracy's father, Wilbur Turnblad.
It was a great, mindless, toe-tapping good time. You feel like you should after you watch a musical. Happy, and a little stage envious. I loved it! It was so fun to celebrate Julie's brithday this way! ( I need to buy the soundtrack now!)


Absolutely Bananas said...

good to know! you know what's funny, is that I saw John Travolta's name on the poster and then though, "hmm, that's weird that he's not pictured!" it wasn't until my husband pointed out that he was the big woman in the upper left that I GOT it.

shauna said...

Boy, I step away for a weekend and you become a blogging monster. I've got to catch up!

I'm glad you gave this review. Since I first found out that John Travolta was in the movie, I've been anxious to see it. Now that I know it's good, I'll have to go!