Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First Magical Steps

With JJ's first birthday right around the corner, I have been really excited for his first steps. People all told me to jsut enjoy his nonwalking stage and let it unfold whenever it does. However, he has been crawling like mad for a few months and is pretty much mobile, so I think that the walking stage will be nice as I can put him down more when we are out and about. Who knows though.. I am a first time mom after all.

Anyway, tonight as we were sharing a Creamy, I witnessed his first steps. It was like a little light went on and he thought "Hey, I can do this.. " and his foot moved. He probably took about 4 to 5 steps at a time, but hey.. you have to start somewhere! We are all so excited over here! bask in our Brightness! (sorry for the crick in your neck resulting from having to watch this video sidesways!)


thekirnancrib said...

how exciting! watch out now! :) he is so stinkin adorable... the crick in my neck was worth it, haha.

the daily knack said...

Way to go JJ! What a milestone. Porter and I just watched the video together. He watched JJ intently and said "Goy"!

Gustogirl said...

How cute!! So fun to see him in his first steps. What a doll!! It just makes me want to give him a squeeze! He and Joel can race. Joel's getting better every day! Nice you bribe him with food!! :) What were you doing eating a creamy!! Hahaha, I won't mention the personal pack of Snickers I wolfed down. Tomorrow will be better, the race is still on!

Kim Tomsick said...

Hey I was checking out your blog (because I love to see what's going on in that brilliant brain of yours) and came across this amazing video of JJ WALKING!!!! How amazing!?! It's so cute that food gets him motivated! What an amazing way to share the first steps of a little angel making his place in this big world!
Keep the videos coming! Love em'!

pinkmorning said...

oh my goodness, i can't see it at work, just a blank spot on the screen, now i am counting down the minutes until i can go home and get online and check it out. YAY for JJ!

pinks & blues girls said...

Hurray, JJ!

And not only can he walk, but he can walk at a 90 degree angle! Amazing! haha.

I will do tricks for food sometimes, too!

Loved this! He is adorable!

Jane, P&B Girls

Absolutely Bananas said...

how exciting. And what a cutie pie!!