Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thou Shall Not Kill

I thoroughly believe that killing is wrong, and something to be avoided at all costs. For this reason, I have sworn off having houseplants for the past few months. I always love them when they are new, green, and shiny. The spot of freshness and life enlivens the spirit and brightens the home. When I bring one home, it seems to giggle at me as I place him in his spot-- he doesn't know that I have brought him here to die. So sad. Last night, I got the bug to buy some new houseplants so I started browsing at Lowes, and found a couple I liked. I put one in my basket and carried on, but by the time I was checking out, he (the plant) looked so scared that I was actually going to take him home with me that I put him back. Apparently word is out and the vegitation is aware of my reputation.

So here is my idea. I thoughtt that I would actually learn how to take care of indoor gardens and then purchase. So I am reading about the cleaning, feeding, and lighting of all things houseplants. Thanks Martha! Afterall, doctors have to learn how to be doctors. Dentists do too. Infact, nearly the only profession in which pure novices are allowed to practice untrained is Motherhood. I don't want to make the same mistakes with my houseplants that I am with my son... so the studying begins.


the daily knack said...

I love house plants too! There is something refreshing about them. I am down to 1 plant in the house. How sad!

My mom has some at her house, they are really pretty. However, Porter plays in them and gets dirt everywhere!

Gustogirl said...

I have never really had real plants in my house until a couple of months ago. I bought one and I must have gotten lucky because it is beautiful and hardly complains about anything. In fact, we took it over to our rental home to spruce it up a bit and it is so hearty that it stood strong even though it wasn't getting as much water as it probably would have here.
Greenery is nice, good luck with your new project.

Rebecca said...

I would love to have houseplants but I've got a brown thumb - that would be the opposite of green right? I realized my problem though, aside from lack of knowledge, plants are too quiet. If your child {or anyone else} is hungry or in need of anything they make it well known. Plants just sit there thirsty, growing out of their pots, hot in the sun or cold in the shade without making a sound.

I like your blogs, thanks for stopping my mine.