Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Since I have my camera back (insert loud applause), I am just in time for the "Juicy Stroll" contest going on at Pinks and Blues. I know what you are thinking... those girls always have some hip, cool, new contest. To that, I would say.. shyeah! Plus their blog is fun and creative to boot! Since part of the loot from this contest would be a strollometer, I thought I would start "counting our steps" early.
Anyway, today was beautiful, so I dressed JJ in his new muscle tee (we brought the "guns" along) and went for a stroll.

Along the way we first saw this big pile of weeds. Of course, JJ wanted to touch them, but we steered clear because of the prickleys all over
Second, we stopped and watched this crane and JJ loved the noises of construction all around.
He LOVES being outside and in his stroller. I love it too, but I would love it even more if I won this contest and could use the fabulous strollometer that is being given away! I could really make every stroll "COUNT!" I have scoured the strollometer website, and have pretty much decided to get one whether I win or not. It tracks your distance, your speed, the time of day, and your time. Talk about a perfect tool for moms!


pinks & blues girls said...

Does JJ have a permit for those guns!? Boy, is he a muscle man or what!?

Love these photos so much! SO glad you got your camera back and could participate in the fun!!

And you're just too sweet with those kind words about us! :)

Jane, P&B Girls

Gustogirl said...

Love the pics!

Rachel said...

Thanks for your comment. I am having fun looking around your blog as well...it is always fun to find people with the same interests (i.e. adorable kids)!

Pinks and Blues said...

Thanks for the post about my MAGIC ERASERS... well, rubbers!! :) Can you believe the things these little men come up with!? Too funny.
- Audrey