Friday, June 1, 2007


This has been going around blogoshpere like a bad cold (I think I chose this metaphor due to my bad cold). I have seen it here,and here.Anyway, unlike my cold, I do like this game.

I thought it was a pretty interesting idea. Here are are the rules: (go ahead, try it on yours.. you know you want to)

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense. NO CHEATING!

How do you feel today?
Don't Nobody Bring me no Bad news-- The WIZ ( We are off to a good start)
What's your outlook on life?
Blow in the Wind--Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (Not quite)
What does your family think of you?
Wonderful---Wicked (Now that is funny)
What do your friends think of you?
Get Low- Lil John
What do your exes think of you?
Gangsta's Paradise-Coolio
How's your love life?
That Girl-Pharrell (feat Snoop Dog)
How will your love life be in the future?
For Good-- Wicked ( I swear I am not cheating)
Are you good at school?
For the Cool In You-- Babyface
Will you be successful?
I Just died in Your Arms Tonight-- REO Speedwagon
What song should they play at your birthday?
A Nightmare on My Street- Fresh Prince
What song should they play at your graduation
Some Kind of Miracle--Kelly Clarkson (that one is funny too)
The soundtrack of your life?
I Gotta Feelin'--Billy Currington (Sort of perfect)
You and your best frineds are?
Girls Aint Nothing But Trouble-- Fresh Prince (how is this happening?)
Happy times?
Let's Call the Whole Thing OFf- Harry Connick Jr
Sad times?
That's the Beat of a Heart-- Sara Evans
Every day?
Shower the People you Love with Love-- James Taylor
Fo tomorrow?
The Little Girl-- John Michael Montgomery
For you?
Wasted-- Carrie Underwood
What does the next year have in store for you?
Never Tear us Apart-- INXS
What do you say when life is too hard?
I Miss My Friend--Darrell Worley (that one worked out)
What do you want as a career?
Photogragh-- Def Leppard
Your favorite saying?
Tango Maureen--Rent
How will you die?
All Night Long--Lionel Richie

Okay, that is it. Some of them turned out to be pretty funny Fun too. I have no idea my IPOD was so insightful. You can also see that my taste in music is sort of all over the place. Only made for more of a surprise. You should try it! If you do, make sure to leave me a link so I don't miss it!


linlin said...

That was fun! Thanks for sharing.

Gustogirl said...

I just did it and there are some ones that fit great and others that don't. It was fun though.

Julie Ann said...

i just did this game and now i am a firm believer...i have always believed in my ipod and it is nice to know that my ipod knows me fairly well. i could not believe how well my ipod answered these questions about me...dave just laughed and laughed at every answer...check it out on my blog...

lys said...

I love your taste in music-- very eclectic! I'm the same way-- I love broadway musicals. . . and rap. . . and opera. . . and 80's retro. . .

Anonymous said...

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